Guest recipe

Red Fruit & Coco Collagen Smoothie

We love adding that little extra to our smoothies, and here Julie has used coconut in the glass, adding a hint of sweetness and a tropical touch to the red berries, as well as a beautiful decoration. In this smoothie, she has added a serving of Collagen Immune Plus, which contains marine collagen, vitamin D from vegan mushrooms, and powdered Echinacea flower, naturally supporting the immune system. Just spend 5 minutes making this delicious smoothie.

Vild Nord guest

Juie Lopez

Julie, our ambassador from France, is the face behind @julyhealthycooking, dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, focusing on both yoga and nourishing food. Her life is a blend of mindful practice and cultivating good vibes every day. We are excited to share her specially curated collection of nourishing Vild Nord collagen recipes.

This is what you need

For one serving:

1 banana
1 handful of frozen red fruits
1 tablespoon coconut milk
1 tablespoon Collagen Immune Plus

Course of action

Peel the banana, preferably a frozen one. Add a handful of frozen red fruits. Pour one tablespoon of Collagen Immune Plus (without a large heap). Blend everything together. Add one tablespoon of coconut milk around the glass to create a beautiful gradient decoration and flavor. Pour the smoothie into the glass, mix, and enjoy. Bon appétit!