Guest recipe


After training, it is important to supplement with both protein and carbohydrates. Thanks to our ambassador from Norway, Desiree Andersen, and her healthy twist on a cake, you can now enjoy this incredibly tasty chocolate cake while you supply your body with nutrients. This protein-rich chocolate cake for one person is perfect, if you want something sweet, and just want to enjoy something with a clear conscience. Made with collagen, which is a complete protein supplement.

Vild Nord guest

Desiree Andersen

This is what you need

2 tbsp baking cocoa
1 tbsp Pure Marine Collagen
3 tbsp SukrinGold or other sweetener
6 tbsp oatmeal
2 tbsp oil
0,5 dl milk or mylk
0,25 tsp baking powder
20 grams of dark chocolate

Course of action

Mix all the dry ingredients together.
Stir in oil and oatmeal.
Then pour the dough into a large muffin form and press 20 grams of chocolate into the center of the cake.
Bake at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.
Allow the cake to cool slightly before taking it out of the mold.