Delicious homemade apple juice

This refreshing and naturally sweet apple juice, bursting with the taste of freshly picked apples, is perfect for your daily collagen powder. Combine the goodness of natural protein with the sweet taste of the season in every refreshing sip!

This is what you need

6 apples from the garden or organic apples
7 dl water
1 cotton cloth


Wash the apples thoroughly in water before cutting into smaller pieces. Put the apples in a blender and add the water. Blend it well until all clumps are gone. Then pour it all into a bowl covered with a cotton cloth (or a clean, old t-Shirt). Keep the cloth up and squeeze out the juice until you only have the apple pulp back in the cloth. Pour the juice into a carafe or container that can be closed and stored in the refrigerator.

For the collagen drink:

Pour the lovely apple juice into a glass and add a measuring spoon of your collagen powder. Mix well until all lumps are gone. Add ice cubes and enjoy the taste of apples from the garden.