Silky smooth favorite

Dark chocolate collagen tart

This silky smooth, dark chocolate tart will be your new favourite! It has a lightly crispy crust with a creamy chocolate topping that melts in the mouth. With quality ingredients such as almond flour, coconut milk, dark chocolate, and a generous amount of collagen. It takes only 20-30 minutes to make, but probably even less time to enjoy.

This is what you need


2 tbsp Collagen Gold
2 dl fine or superfine almond flour
0.5 dl unsweetened cocoa powder
Approximately 0.7 dl coconut oil or melted butter
2 tbsp brown sugar
A pinch of Himalayan salt


2 tbsp Collagen Gold
4 dl full-fat coconut milk (note: reduced/fat-free coconut milk does not work for this recipe)
50 grams dark chocolate, roughly chopped
1 tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
A pinch of Himalayan salt



Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius.

Start by making the base. Mix all the dry ingredients together, including the collagen. Blend the dry ingredients well before adding coconut oil or butter. Mix together to form a crumbly texture.

Use a muffin baking tray. Grease it well or place small pieces of parchment paper in the bottom to help remove the tarts. Add the mixture to the muffin cups. There should only be a base, about 1/2 cm per cup is fine. Press the mixture down to compact it a bit.

Bake in the oven for about 10 minutes. You can take the tray out after about 8 minutes, press the mixture down a bit, and then put it back in the oven for about 2 minutes. But this is not a must.


Before heating the coconut milk, it's important to mix the collagen well with the milk. Add coconut milk and collagen to a blender, blend well, and pour the mixture into a saucepan. Heat until it's close to boiling, but it should not boil. Now take the coconut milk and collagen mixture off the heat and add dark chocolate in small pieces and a splash of maple syrup. Place directly in the saucepan with coconut milk and stir well until all the chocolate is melted.

Now pour the chocolate filling into the muffin cups, over the baked crust. Once you have filled all the cups, let the tart sit in the refrigerator for a while to set. You can also put it in the freezer, and it should be ready to enjoy after about 30 minutes.