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Become wiser on blueberries

You definitely know them. The small, round, blue and delicious berries that can be enjoyed as a fresh snack or used in tasteful recipes. But did you know that there are more than 400 different varieties of blueberries? They all grow in the northern hemisphere and vary in both color, size and taste. 

Blueberries grow on shrubs and are ripe and ready to be picked when they almost fall off the bush by themselves. It is at this point that the blueberries we use are harvested in the Swedish forests.

Wild Nordic blueberries

The wild Nordic blueberries

The blueberries are seriously looking forward to the bushes in July and August. The small, round and deep blue berries with the distinctive taste are extremely well known and loved here in the Nordic countries. Blueberries can in many places be picked wild in nature, where wind and weather have made the berries robust and given them lots of flavor when ripe in late summer. Look at them on the heath or in a clearing in the woods when you go for a walk.

The berries we use in Collagen Beauty Remedy, are wildly picked in Sweden, where they grow wild in the huge natural areas of the mountains. After harvesting, dried and dehydrates the carriers, after which they are pulverized and mixed in our sought -after Beauty Formula, Collagen Beauty Remedy. We use an advantageous blend of three well -known blue berries, all of which have a high content of the well -known antitoxidant vitamin C: blackcurrant (50%), blueberries (30%) and aronia (20%).

Blueberry powder

We use 600 grams of fresh berries per 100 grams of collagen powder. When the fresh and wild berries are dried and pulverized, they become a concentrated powder filled with, among other things. Vitamin C, which tastes nice fresh and natural. When you enjoy a daily serving of Collagen Beauty Remedy, you get 2000 mg of berry mixture and 5000 mg of hydrolyzed marine collagen.


Therefore, wild blueberries are part of Collagen Beauty Remedy

Why do we use wild blueberries in our Collagen Beauty Remedy Inside conventionally cultivated berries? By getting our blueberries from Sweden we can reduce transport as the blueberries do not have to be transported across the globe. The wild berries and blueberries in general are also, as mentioned earlier, a good source of both dietary fiber and c-vitamin.

 Collagen Beauty Remedy

The benefits of the blueberries

In addition to the delicious flavor that blueberries have, there are also some other benefits of eating the small berries - both in fresh shape, but also in the dried and powdered form in which they are found in, in Collagen Beauty Remedy. Blueberries are healthy and a good source of, among other things. C-vitamin. Other benefits of blueberries and the berry collection we use is that they:

  • Can be used in a wealth of exciting and delicious recipes, e.g. Beauty Remedy Nice Cream and Collagen overnight oat
  • is a perfect supplement to a healthy and varied diet
  • is a good source of dietary fiber as the berry mixture contains 30 g of dietary fiber per 100 grams of berries
  • contains antioxidants
  • can be picked in nature

  Wild blueberries

The Wild Blue Bears Road to Collagen Beauty Remedy

Before the wild blueberries from Sweden can be used in our collagen mixture, they must go through a processing process and quality testing.

The blueberries are picked and frozen to -18 degrees. Then they are transported to the place where they slut up and dried. Drying takes place at 42-45 degrees on shelves where they are not mixed with other varieties or berries. It takes approx. 1-2 days before the blueberries are completely dry and ready to be powdered.

The powdered blueberries are tested, mixed with other berries (if the recipe says it) and eventually packed so they are ready to be sent on and get into our collagen variant ”Collagen Beauty Remedy”.

  Collagen Beauty Remedy from Vild Nord

Collagen Beauty Remedy - Collagen with c-vitamin

Do you want a nice collagen powder with c-vitamin for extra support for your body then is Collagen Beauty Remedy from Vild Nord The right choice. Collagen Beauty Remedy Contains three selected ingredients that together give you and your skin the best conditions for staying beautiful:

Marine collagen from wild -caught North Atlantic cod is the core of our collagen products but in Collagen Beauty Remedy we have added beautiful powder of wild Swedish blueberries, acerola, aronia and black currant, as well as wild -harvested seaweed.

The powdered berries are a food state source of the good c-Vitamin, which contributes to a normal formation of collagen that affects normal functioning skin, as well as to protect the cells from oxidative stress. It is also the mix of the delicious and good berries that gives the collagen powder its beautiful burgundy red color as well as the mild taste of berries. The berry distribution in Collagen Beauty Remedy is: 14 % blackcurrant, 9 % blueberries, 6 % aronia and 5 % acerola.


The wild -harvested seaweed from the coast of North Scotland is a natural source of iodine. Iodine helps to maintain normal skin, a normal production of thyroid hormones and a normal thyroid function.

Marine collagen from wild cod has a complete amino acid profile, which means you get all 20 amino acids in one product - both the essential and the non -essential amino acids. The essential amino acids are the ones that your body cannot form and which you therefore depend on getting through a healthy and varied diet or by supplementing your daily routine with Collagen Beauty Remedy.

Marine Collagen

Must Collagen Beauty Remedy be part of your everyday life and the journey to a beautiful skin then you can buy collagen powder here.


Reference: https://fdc.nal.usda.gov 

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