Why Vild Nord Nordic marine collagen?

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Why choose marine collagen from Vild Nord?

Who wouldn't want to know what they're actually eating, how it's made, and whether it's safe to consume? All of this is something you don't need to worry about when you choose your marine collagen supplement from Vild Nord.

We never compromise on the quality of our marine collagen. The Arctic cod, from which our collagen is derived, lives in the cold and crystal-clear waters off northern Norway, ensuring exceptional purity and freshness.

5 Reasons to Choose Vild Nord

  1. Experience noticeable effects within 8-12 weeks.
  2. Collagen contributes to firm and elastic skin.
  3. MSC-certified marine collagen sourced from wild-caught cod.
  4. A product for every need.
  5. Third-party tested for heavy metals and PFAS.

Collagen i kroppen gennem livet

Effects & clinically documented benefits of collagen

Collagen is a protein found naturally in our bodies. You can find it in cartilage, tendons, muscles, bones, and skin. As we age, the body's production and level of collagen decrease, resulting in lines and wrinkles in the skin. Most of us first notice it in the delicate skin of the face.

Collagen helps maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin, thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

A clinical-dermatological application test conducted over eight weeks has provided dermatological documentation that skin hydration increases by an average of up to 34.8%. To achieve the best results, even after the initial eight weeks, we recommend continuing to take your collagen powder.

Ingredienser i Vild Nord produkter

Vitamines, minerales and hyaluronic acid 

In all variants, except for Pure Marine Collagen, we have added extra wonderful ingredients, each with a unique effect on the body. This applies to both our Hydro Lab and EXO Lab series. In the Hydro variants, natural berry and seaweed powder serve as a source of vitamins and minerals, while the EXO products are enriched with selected vitamins and minerals.

En label der intet skjuler

A short ingredient list & a label filled with insight

We hide nothing about the contents of our collagen products, and we strive to keep the ingredients list as short and clear as possible. Our Hydro series is crafted with care and includes no synthetic flavours, colours, or sweeteners. This means you can enjoy natural beauty without any compromises.

We believe in transparency and simplicity. Therefore, on the Hydro product labels, you will find all the information you need. You can read about the benefits each product offers to your body and skin, as well as how to best use and enjoy the collagen blend to achieve optimal results.

We want to make it easy and satisfying for you to incorporate our products into your daily beauty routine. That's why we have also created a large collection of recipes, which continues to grow. Try one or more of the recipes and enjoy your collagen in entirely new and delicious ways.

Testet for din sikkerhed

Third-party tested for your safety  

The marine collagen we use in our products comes from an FSC 22000-certified manufacturer. This means that the entire production of the collagen—from raw material to distribution—is controlled and complies with current food safety laws.

We also use a third party to test our collagen. Here, the collagen is tested for heavy metals and the well-known but unwanted substance PFAS. When we choose a third party to conduct tests, it is because the third party is an independent and impartial organisation with no affiliation to Vild Nord.

A third-party test gives you, the consumer, an objective and credible view of everything from the quality to the safety of the product. In our blog post "Collagen Tested for PFAS & Heavy Metals," we dive into which heavy metals are tested for and much more.

Fra vildtfanget torsk til premium collagenpulver

MSC-certified marine collagen from upcycled fish skin

In the entire Hydro Lab series (excluding the C+ capsules), you get MSC-certified marine collagen. If you don't already know what that means, here we present it to you briefly and precisely, as collagen is not just collagen.

MSC stands for the Marine Stewardship Council, an internationally recognised non-profit organisation. The organisation focuses on promoting sustainable fishing, ensuring that fish are caught in a sustainable and responsible manner that protects the marine environment and resources.

Therefore, if you are the type who wants to know what you are eating, MSC-certified collagen is the right choice for you.

Read more about MSC certification in the blog post Our Collagen is now MSC-certified.MSC-certificeret marine collagen

The fine and white collagen powder found in all our Vild Nord collagen products is made using a hydrolysation process of upcycled fish skin. But what does that actually mean?

After the cod is caught, it is filleted, and the skin is collected. To extract collagen from the fish skin, a special process called hydrolysation is required. In this process, the fish skin is first thoroughly cleaned to remove impurities. The skin is then soaked, and selected enzymes are added. These enzymes break down the skin and its proteins into smaller peptides and amino acids.

Once the hydrolysation process is complete, the collagen is filtered to remove insoluble particles, resulting in a pure and clear powder. By upcycling the fish skin, we ensure that the earth's resources are fully utilised. One kilogram of fish skin results in approximately 130 grams of collagen.

Read more about how and why we have chosen to upcycle cod skin into premium marine collagen in our blog post Upcycling Fish Skin.

Forskellige Vild Nord collagenprodukter

Hydro Lab & EXO Lab

At Vild Nord, we believe in natural ageless beauty that is. However, we also recognise that everyone's daily life is different, and the need and desire for supplements are individual. Therefore, we have developed two series of marine collagen: Hydro Lab and EXO Lab.

Vild Nord Collagen Hydro Lab

Vild Nord Hydro

Hydro Lab is a series of MSC-certified marine collagen for those who wish to enhance their beauty through the pure power of nature. The ingredients are Food State, meaning they are as close to their natural form as possible, which can ensure better absorption of nutrients in your body.

The ingredients primarily come from Nordic nature, such as wild blueberries from Sweden, seaweed from Scotland, and marine collagen from the northern Atlantic. However, we also use one of the best sources of vitamin C, the acerola berry from the warmer tropical regions. Did you know that acerola berries contain a whopping 1677 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of berries? In contrast, for example, sea buckthorn contains 131 mg per 100 grams of berries.

Hydro Lab consists of 6 different, wonderful, and effective variants, ranging from Pure Marine Collagen with nothing but collagen to Collagen Beauty Remedy with vitamins, minerals, and hyaluronic acid. Additionally, it is in the Hydro series that you will find our popular C+ collagen capsules, which contain both collagen powder and vitamin C. See all Hydro variants here.

Vild Nord Collagen Exo Lab

Vild Nord EXO

EXO Lab offers premium collagen products, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle and for those who wish to be the best version of themselves throughout their lives. The products strike a perfect balance between collagen, vitamins, and minerals, all of which nourish the body.

With EXO Lab, you receive a stylish and elegant metal container for your collagen powder. When you run out, you can refill it with our EXO collagen refill bags. You can choose between two wonderful variants: GLOW and CARE – discover them here and learn more about their benefits.

En nordisk forsyningskæde og produktion af collagen

Nordic supply chain

The wild Nordic nature is a true treasure trove, and it is here that we have found many of the raw materials we use in our collagen products. Our passionate suppliers form the small and efficient supply chain for the primary ingredients we use. This includes marine collagen from Norway, wild blueberries from Sweden, and wild-harvested seaweed from Scotland.

All the ingredients are brought together in Norway, where the final products are blended and packaged.

Din skønhed - dit valg

Your beauty - your choice

Take the first step towards healthier and more radiant skin by trying Vild Nord collagen today. Our products are crafted with care and quality, and we are confident that you will find something that perfectly suits your needs.

In our webshop, you can explore our wide range of collagen products designed to enhance your beauty and well-being. Whether you are looking for powder for your daily smoothie or capsules for easy consumption, we have something that will appeal to you.

Our Vild Nord collagen is made from carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality, so you can be sure you are getting the best for your body. So why wait? Do something good for yourself today and explore our webshop to find your new favourite Vild Nord collagen product.

Vild Nord marine collagen af premium kvalitet





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