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Vild Nord Ambassador: Mette Helena

With a cup of coffee and a glass CARE Collagen is housing stylist and TV-Host Mette Helena ready for the morning training. It's become a routine she looks forward to every day. If some had told her that she became one of those who loves to strengthen, she would never have believed in them. It's just one of many things that have changed for her with age.

We are proud to be able to present Mette Helena as Vild Nord ambassador. We have talked to her about what it means to step into the 40s and what new habits and sights come along. For how does the beauty come with age?

“I have almost not discovered, That I've turned 40 yet. ” 
Mette Helena Collagen Gold

On the one hand, Mette Helena is not quite ready for the 40s. At the same time, she can easily feel that she has grown older and there are a lot of benefits. She has begun to appreciate being able to do things she couldn't before. With a big cottage renovation, she finds out how cool it is to learn new things and it gives a great sense of empowerment. It helps to give her joy of life and quality of life. So while she gets older, there is a lot she still wants to discover and explore. 

Mette Helena PortraitLike many other women, Mette Helena has been tough on herself and her appearance. It is also a feeling that can still return. Suddenly, the unclean skin became lines and wrinkles instead, and then there were new things to be able to beat yourself in the head over. She is not afraid to look older, but she has made an active choice to do what she can to support her skin. 

“I really can suffer myself more grown up. ”


Beauty should be easy

Everything in Mette Helena's life is about it being easy. It's the same approach she has to her beauty routines. She cares for her skin every day, but there may also be evenings where she forgets to remove her makeup. It's about balance. For there is both the Mette Helena who has had a working life where she had to do something of herself every day, but there is also the Mette Helena who just wants to be allowed to look ugly. There must also be room for that.

One of her regular routines is to drink CARE Collagen. It feels easy, gentle and effective for her as she can both see and feel a difference. It has been part of her routine for over a year and she still continues her collagen journey to fit as well as possible on the body and skin from the inside.

CARE Contains multiple active ingredients in your daily collagen supplement. 

  • Vitamin C. contributes to normal formation of collagen that is important for normal functioning skin.
  • Zinc contributes to maintaining normal hair, normal nails and normal skin.
  • Biotin contributes to maintaining normal hair, skin and mucous membranes.
  • Manganese which contributes to normal formation of connective tissue and bones. 

The joy of Danish nature

Mette Helena greatly appreciates Danish nature. Both on its properties and its beauty. She likes to bathe all year round, and while it can be cold in the winter, she loves the kick she gets from jumping in the sea. She likes to stay close to the water and puts a value in rediscovering what Danish nature has to offer. It is just around the corner - it is not easier - completely in spirit with Mette Helena's view of life.

See the full interview with Mette Helena right here.

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