An interview with Loa about pro-ageing

Et interview med Loa om pro-aging - Vild Nord

What is pro-ageing?

You might not have heard of pro-ageing before, or perhaps you've just come across the concept recently. Regardless, it's a fantastic approach to life and beauty at all ages. Pro-ageing focuses on promoting self-worth and confidence at every stage of life by emphasizing the importance of embracing life experiences and age-related changes instead of trying to avoid or mask them. It also involves appreciating and supporting a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise, and skincare, to achieve a healthy aging process.

As we age, our bodies change. Wrinkles, lines, and decreased muscle mass are just some of the changes we experience over time. How each of us chooses to embrace the natural beauty that comes with age is up to us. One approach to age-related changes is called pro-ageing.

Pro-ageing vs. other approaches

Pro-ageing is a positive approach to aging that not only accepts but also celebrates natural development while prioritizing a healthy lifestyle and skincare. It's about embracing the changes that naturally occur with age while actively working to maintain well-being. It's an invitation to view aging as a natural part of life that can be enjoyed with health-promoting habits and a positive attitude.

In contrast, anti-ageing focuses on counteracting or reducing visible signs of aging through various products, treatments, and lifestyle choices. The goal is to preserve or restore a youthful appearance and reduce age-related changes in the skin and body.

”The pro-age philosophy sets me free to be myself - that's every woman's right.
That's what pro-age means to me " - Loa

Loa's thoughts about pro-age

As the co-founder of the collagen brand Vild Nord, health and natural beauty mean a lot to Loa Gitz. Based on her pro-age approach to life, you can here get an insight into how she keeps herself active, fresh, and naturally beautiful with a range of daily routines. Read the interview and get an insight into what pro-ageing is, and how it has become a part of Loa's daily beauty routine. Perhaps it can be the inspiration you need to get started.

When and why did you decide to embrace a pro-aging approach to life?

The pro-age lifestyle became really relevant for me as I aged. It's relatively easy to be relaxed about age in your mid-twenties to mid-thirties, but it gets harder as you approach your forties – from there, life goes the other way. That's when age truly begins to show and can be felt. You can no longer just do as you please because your body, in many ways, has its own will.

After turning 25 and experiencing what poor diet can do to health, I began to understand how diet and health are interconnected. When I turned 40, I first got one skin disease and then another, and since then, I've really embraced the pro-aging mindset. So I've lived by the concept of inner beauty for many years – eating myself beautiful, healthy, and fresh while living life. But it's probably only now, as the wrinkles become more noticeable and natural gravity sets in, that I can truly say I embrace the pro-age approach in my life.

I see very few things in absolutes. So even though I love inner beauty and most likely will never get fillers in my lips, I can still be fascinated by the good results one can achieve with cosmetic beauty treatments. Sometimes I often think about whether I should get the wrinkles on my forehead done – they're there and they're many, but then I remember that they're part of who I am and what I believe in. And then I focus instead on what I can eat and what choices I can make to treat my body as best as possible.

"My body is a gift - it's where I reside while I'm here - so it should be treated well."

The body isn't interested in getting Botox or fillers for its own sake; it's for the sake of the psyche and the exterior. Which path to take is up to oneself.

My own approach to age is health over beauty. Although I'm super vain, health comes first for me, and I believe that ultimately benefits my beauty.

How has your pro-ageing philosophy affected your view of aging and beauty?

My pro-ageing philosophy has given me a more relaxed attitude towards aging. I'm not afraid of wrinkles and changes in the body that come with aging. At the same time, I'm aware of inner beauty and health. I focus on what I eat and apply to my body to be the best version of myself throughout life and live as long as possible.

The goal is more than just looking good; it's not so much about looking like a 25-year-old instead of a 47-year-old. Age holds great value for me as it represents the years I've lived. I'm happy and grateful for my experience and knowledge from life, even though the years have brought wrinkles and lines. The pro-age mindset helps me accept and embrace my age as an advantage – to appreciate all of who I am as a whole person.


How is your daily routine to support a healthy aging?

Boiled water with lemon

I drink a lot of water, preferably boiled, tempered with lemon. That's how my morning starts every day. It's a simple way to detoxify the liver, maintain a good acid-base balance, and kickstart metabolism. And it tastes good.


I fast using a 16/8 method, which feels good and natural to me. In short, the method involves fasting for 16 hours and then eating for 8 hours. This methodical fasting is popular right now for good reason, as it has both health and physical benefits.

It's easy for me to skip breakfast, and it actually keeps me fresh throughout the day. My first meal is at lunch, where I eat plenty of fish and vegetables. I haven't eaten red meat in many years, but I easily get my protein through other sources.

Celery juice with turmeric

In the afternoon, I drink my homemade freshly pressed celery juice with lemon, turmeric, and ginger – all organic. It's my ultimate anti-inflammatory health elixir – I love it, and my body and skin love it.

NO sugar

Sugar and processed carbohydrates are, of course, a no-go when it comes to health. But I only manage to avoid them completely for periods - because I, like many, love to indulge in pick and mix candy and good Italian ice cream... and when I eat it, I enjoy it 100%, before circling back to health.

Collagen peptides

I naturally get collagen every day. In water, I use CARE – it's my quick fix when I'm super busy, or Collagen Immune Plus in kefir, which also gives me some good probiotics if I have 5 minutes. Otherwise, I love cooking and enjoy trying something new – including when it comes to using collagen. That's why I also love all our collagen recipes, where we combine taste with good nutrients.

Dry brushing the skin

My skin is super important to me, so I care for it every day. I dry brush my skin every morning before showering to exfoliate the skin, increase blood circulation, and stimulate the lymphatic system. In winter, dry brushing and collagen are my way of avoiding dry skin.


Being able to move my body freely is essential to my joy of life. That's why I also take the time to strength train three times a week, to prevent fatigue, weight gain, and stiff joints. I want to do my part to look good and to keep my body strong throughout life.

"I'm not an expert - I'm curious, I listen to my body, and I experiment."

How has your lifestyle and beauty routine evolved after you started having a pro-ageing approach?

My lifestyle has changed, especially as I'm gradually entering menopause. I can feel that I can no longer control my weight in the same way as before, where it was usually enough to eat a little less or move a little more.

This is where fasting helps me feel satisfied in a different way while also getting the necessary good nutrients and fats. I'm by no means an expert on menopause, but I'm curious, I listen to my body, and I experiment.

Why is collagen is an important part of pro-age?

Pro-age is about providing the body with the necessary nourishment to perform its best. The body is capable of incredible things on its own, but it needs a healthy and varied diet, exercise, and fresh air.

As I age, I can feel that my body needs a little extra support. I provide that with protein and collagen supplements, which I see as an important component of my diet. It helps me maintain elasticity in my skin, the body's largest organ.

"I don't really see Vild Nord's collagen as a dietary supplement, but rather as an ingredient I can add to various drinks and dishes to ensure that I get a beneficial component in my diet."

Do you see collagen as a key component in achieving and maintaining natural beauty as you age?

Yes, I do. I see collagen as an important component. As mentioned earlier, it helps ensure that our largest organ can function at its best, and that's the casing I live in, and it should be healthy. So, I believe in terms of the overall functionality of the body, it's beneficial.

How do you address any challenges or misunderstandings people may have about your pro-ageing approach?

The pro-age approach can really divide opinions. Some find it strange or fanatical, for example, when it comes to fasting. Social aspects such as eating habits can be challenging in social situations. I'm also aware that some find it strange that I don't eat red meat and avoid sugar. It was a bigger problem when I was younger than it is now, but it's become less problematic with age. Perhaps also because the pro-age lifestyle is trendy nowadays.

"We all have different approaches to beauty and age."

How has your pro-ageing approach affected your views on beauty ideals?

It has been, and still is, challenging to be a woman and live up to a beauty ideal that may not fit one's body or nature at all. I remind myself that it's important to be content with myself and not constantly compare myself to others. Doing so quickly becomes a waste of a good life.

I think the growing trend of older women in marketing is wonderful. It supports the idea that age is something to embrace and doesn't necessarily set a limit on what one can or cannot do. It's nice to see older women represented as attractive and strong because it supports the idea of embracing age with joy even though it also means that we are older and look older.

Can pro-age contribute to changing society's view on age?

Yes, without a doubt. There is a strong synergy between the pro-age movement and societal development that can change the perception of age. Older people demand more from life and still contribute value. It's positive that society not only focuses on youth but also sees older people as a resource.

"Value and treat the body well - it will only benefit you in return."

What advice would you give to others who want to embrace a pro-ageing approach to life, and how can marine collagen be a part of it?

For those who want to embrace a pro-age lifestyle, I believe you should start by being happy with yourself and your body. Value and treat the body well, and it will treat you well in return.

Then, you can look at how to live in harmony with the body to achieve well-being in both body and soul. This may include various initiatives such as fasting, water intake, and exercise. Start somewhere and gradually build up. Marine collagen can be part of the diet as a supplement. It can be taken in water, coffee, or smoothies as a way to support the body's natural functions and maintain elasticity in the skin. Pro-age is about giving the body the nourishment it needs, and marine collagen can be a valuable addition. 

Let Vild Nord be part of your pro-ageing

At Vild Nord, we love natural beauty, and we want to support you and your beauty, regardless of lifestyle and age. That's why in our range of premium marine collagen, we've added carefully selected ingredients that, combined with collagen, support and cater to your beauty as best as possible.

You can find the entire range of Vild Nord marine collagen in our webshop, where you can also read more about each product and its unique properties.

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